Israelite Journey

by Amy-Jane Farrar

Dear Diary,

Life recently has been pretty mental.
We’re all just minding our own business slaving away and BOOM, in comes Moses sent by God to save us. Gonna be honest at first I was not convinced but then the plagues happened.
We literally could not believe our eyes, and neither could the Egyptians.
Pharaoh was not happy.
He suffered through lice, locusts, famine plus much more, upping our workload until the last plague caused its damage. He then let us leave.

We left our homes worshipping God the entire time. It’s amazing that God would hear our cry, save us and take us to the land he promised to our ancestors.
So now we’re all super excited for the Promised Land except for the fact there’s the Dead Sea in the way. How on earth are we going to make it across? It’s surely impossible?
Has Moses even thought about it? It’s about 280km wide. I can’t swim for that long and I know my parents can’t. There’s thousands of us here, all thinking the same thing:

How on earth are we ever going to get there? This is not possible.

Just trying to put ourselves in the shoes of the Israelites is hard. They’ve seen so much.
They’ve experienced the awesome power of God on several occasions and yet as we continue to read on we see they continue to doubt all this is possible.
How are they going to cross the red sea?
How are they going to survive in the wilderness?

In my lifetime I’ve seen God do incredible things. I’ve trusted in his guidance and he’s shown the way forward. I’ve trusted in his provision and he’s always delivered. I’ve trusted he’s always with me and he’s supported me every step of my journey. And yet I am ashamed to say I can count numerous times I’ve doubted God’s capabilities even though I’ve seen great things in the past and know his nature.

Sometimes our immediate circumstances get in the way of the facts we know about God.
This is definitely the case on many occasions for the Israelites.

God is with us always and there is nothing too big for him to handle.
Lean on that today as you face whichever circumstances come your way.

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