The days are shortening and the colours are changing. A beautiful spray of orange, red, brown, and yellow is spilling across a sea of green trees and bushes.

It’s also harvest time and farmers across the country are busily working away to bring in crops before the end of the season.

As we remember harvest this week we also remember Moses and the appeals of the Israelites asking for water. They grumbed and wrestled with God after losing faith in him and his ability to provide. This Sunday offers us a chance to say ‘thank you’ to God, perhaps it also offers us a chance to grumble and wrestle too.

We may feel that we need to grumble and wrestle on our own behalf as the Israelites did, but hopefully as well we will find an opportunity and the faith to wrestle on behalf of those around the world who do not have enough. To approach God and look to him to provide.

There will be an offering taken up in all of our services on Sunday for the work of the London and Slough Run, a charity which works with homeless people in Slough and London. Please bring tinned and dried food, toiletries, or clothes (in good condition) with you to church if you would like to make a gift.

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