Under the tree

Are you convinced of what the Bible says about Jesus? Or indeed of what the Church says about Jesus? If you are, then when did you become convinced? If not, then what would it take to convince you?

This Sunday our Gospel reading is from John 1 in which a young man (Nathanael) goes from rejecting even the idea of Jesus to calling him God’s Son in a matter of moments. The thing that convinces him seems trivial – Jesus mentions seeing him sitting under a tree.

Meeting Jesus for the first time is truly life-changing and transformational. If you have never really considered fully the claims of Christianity then I would encourage you to talk to a friend who believes or to a member of our team. If you are convinced about who Jesus is then may I encourage you to share that with others. It need not be loud and wacky and you probably shouldn’t start with strangers on the street. But the truth and beauty of Jesus is relevant to all walks and seasons of life. Ask him for the opportunity to share truth in the every day and you will find that it is much easier and less scary than you realise.

Sunday Worship
8am – Holy Communion at All Saints’
9:30am – Combined contemporary service with Baptism
at St Peter’s
11am – Sung Eucharist at St Peter’s
3pm Tea and Hymns at the Parish Church Hall
4pm – Evensong at St Paul’s

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