How does God guide us?

In our Gospel reading this Sunday (Mark 10:17-31) Jesus meets a rich young man who is asking big questions about how to live in order to gain eternal life. He has been doing good things in his relationships with others and kept most of the commandments. Yet he fears he is lacking something and so turns to Jesus for answers.

The answer Jesus gives does not comfort this young man. He must give up what he has and follow Jesus whole-heartedly. Our rich gentleman decides that this is too much and walks away from Jesus.

The correct decision is not always easy, yet we believe as Christians that God will always guide us in the right way. The young man was wise in turning to Jesus but he could not follow through with it.

This Sunday we will all be faced with the question ‘How does God guide us?’ The answer in many ways is simple. God guides us by the revelation of the person of Jesus and by the moving of the Spirit. In practice this can be hard. What is easier to follow? A coin toss, friendly advice, financial forecasts, or the frank words of Christ?

This Sunday marks our first Choral Evensong at All Saints’. The service starts at 5:30pm and will feature a choir led by Ben Ewert.

Our newly-formed St. Peter’s Children’s Choir is up and running! For children, ages 9-13, there is still time to join. For more information, contact Ben Ewert.

On 31st October from 4:30pm-5:30pm we will be hosting a Light Party in the Parish Church Hall. This will be a fun alternative for Halloween for families with a disco, games, and food. The event is free but spaces are limited so please click the Light Party image below to book your tickets.

On 4th November (7pm), the parish is hoping to host a special service of Holy Communion at All Saints’ Church, featuring the luminous musical setting by Gabriel Faure, performed by a chamber orchestra of professional and semi-professional musicians. Many of these musicians have either generously donated their time or have only asked for travel costs. We have created a Chalfont St Peter Worship Appeal to support this event and future ones like it. Please take some time to watch this video giving a greater context to the event.

This Sunday

8am – Holy Communion (All Saints’ Church)

9:30am – Family Service (St Peter’s Church)

11am –  Sung Eucharist (St Peter’s Church)

3pm – Tea and Hymns (Parish Church Hall)

4pm – Evensong (St Paul’s Church)

5:30pm – Choral Evensong (All Saints’ Church)

6:30pm – The Vine Youth Group (Parish Church Hall)

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