Who is the Holy Spirit?

You are not on your own.

That is one of the core promises of Christianity.

God will never leave you or give up on you. He is clear on that. Time and again his people call to him and he reiterates that he has never left them.

A sense of loneliness was one of the great pains that Jesus’ disciples felt on Easter Saturday. Similarly after Jesus’ ascension they must have wondered what would happen next and how they would continue in Jesus absence.

But God promises never to leave us on our own. So he sends his Spirit. By his Spirit we are made free, by his Spirit we are given life, and by his Spirit we are assured that we are not alone and have not been abandoned.

The Spirit of God is freely available to all who accept Jesus and he is there to lead us forward in our lives with Christ.

Reminding us that we are never alone.

This Sunday we are reading John 16:1-15 in each of our services and asking the question ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ In our explorations we hope to find the reassurance that God offers that, even though we may not see or hear him, he is always there.

Our newly-formed St. Peter’s Children’s Choir is up and running! For children, ages 9-13, there is still time to join. For more information, contact Ben Ewert.

On 31st October from 4:30pm-5:30pm we will be hosting a Light Party in the Parish Church Hall. This will be a fun alternative for Halloween for families with a disco, games, and food. The event is free but spaces are limited so please click here for tickets.

On 4 November (7pm), the parish is hoping to host a special service of Holy Communion at All Saints’ Church, featuring the luminous musical setting by Gabriel Faure, performed by a chamber orchestra of professional and semi-professional musicians. Many of these musicians have either generously donated their time or have only asked for travel costs. We have created a  Chalfont St Peter Worship Appeal  to support this event and future ones like it. Please take some time to watch this video giving a greater context to the event.

This Sunday

8am – Holy Communion (All Saints’ Church)

9:30am – Family Service (St Peter’s Church)

11am – Harvest Sung Eucharist (St Peter’s Church)

4pm – Evensong (St Paul’s Church)

6:30pm – The Vine Youth Group (Parish Church Hall)


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