Christ the King

The Bible contains irony in quite impressive quantities, yet perhaps the most ironic moments come in the gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus.

In the Easter story Jesus is subjected to almost relentless mocking. He is ‘crowned’ and ‘robed’, ‘hailed’ and ‘enthroned’ by those who mean to embarrass the claim that he is king. The abuse goes as far as the creation of a famous inscription “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”. The title is challenged by some who say that the sign should be corrected to read “who called himself ‘King of the Jews’.” The response of the sign’s author is again famous “I have written what I have written.”

The truth, it turns out, is irrepressible. Even if it arises in the form of derision, the truth is declared – Jesus is King.

This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Christ the King by asking ourselves the question – “What is the Gospel?”

The answer, perhaps, is simply this – Jesus is King. In the face of violence, disappointment, loneliness, devastation, and scorn Jesus is King, and there is nothing that can change that.
There are a lot of wonderful events going on in the next few days, including Saturday’s Rethink breakfast and visiting speakers from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics at each of our Sunday services. Please follow the links below to find out more

You can find the full planned teaching programme for the parish here.

This Week’s Pew Sheet


This Sunday

8am – Holy Communion (All Saints’ Church)
9:30am – Family Service (St Peter’s Church)
11am – Sung Eucharist (St Peter’s Church)
4pm – Holy Communion (St Paul’s Church)
5:30pm – Choral Evensong (All Saints’ Church)
6:30pm – The Vine (Parish Church Hall)

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