How to make the most of my life

One of the greatest complaints against millennials is their perceived laziness. Do any small amount of research and you will find articles full of complaints about the lack of resilience and drive found amongst many 18-35 year olds. There may be some truth to these claims, yet it is also true that many millennials are among the hardest workers when they have found their purpose.

Similarly research (most famously by Simon Sinek) has shown that organisations that understand the deeper purpose behind their business/product are more successful – Sinek refers to it as the ‘golden why’.

As Christians we find our purpose and meaning in Jesus, in his mission and heart for people. Jesus announced his mission statement in Luke 4 by reading from Isaiah 61. He gave his disciples a mission statement in Matthew 28 in the Great Commission.

In an age rhat searches for meaning in everything Christians have a clear identity and mission. We are those who Jesus has healed, set free, given sight to, and comforted. Our mission is to pursue his kingdom and live out his words.

Fun night is tonight! Don’t forget to pop to the St Nicholas fair and Christmas Tree Extravaganza between 6pm and 8:30pm.

Don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumpers to the 9:30 in order to get a chocolate coin!

Find out details of our Christmas activities here!

This Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion, All Saints’ Church
9.30am Family Communion, St Peter’s Parish Church
11.00am Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s Parish Church
3pm Tea and Carols, Parish Church Hall
4.00pm Evensong, St Paul’s Church
6.30pm The Vine, Parish Church Hall

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