Why Church?

It’s time to get Christmassy!

This Sunday we are turning to Luke 3:7-18 to hear the wirds of John the Baptist as he declares the coming of Jesus. He calls people to make changes to their lives and engage with God in a fresh way. He challenges them to stop resting on the laurels of their forebears and instead to meet with God for themselves.

The danger of a well-loved story is that it becomes all too familiar and so loses its power and impact. This Christmas we will have the opportunity his Christmas we will have the opportunity to hear the story of the incarnation anew.

As we do so let us hear the challenge of John to approach with open hearts and with wonder.

At 4pm at the Parish Church we will be celebrating Christingle with the Children’s Society. It’s the perfect opportunity to invite a friend to church!

6:30pm at the Parish Church will be our first Nine Lessons of the Christmas season, come and warm up your carol muscles!

Don’t forget to wear your Christmas jumpers to the 9:30 in order to get a chocolate coin!

Find out details of our Christmas activities here!

This Sunday

8.00am Holy Communion, All Saints’ Church
9.30am Family Communion, St Peter’s Parish Church
11.00am Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s Parish Church
4.00pm Evensong, St Paul’s Church
4.00pm Christingle Service, St Peter’s Parish Church
6.30pm Nine Lessons & Carols, St Peter’s Parish Church

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