God’s Kingdom is Backwards

Have you ever stopped to wonder why anyone in their right mind would be a Christian?

Jesus regularly promises persecution for his disciples and yet still expects people to follow, love, and serve him. Such things are completely counter cultural. Why invest in a person who might make your life harder?

The answer really is because ‘easy’ and ‘better’ are rarely the same thing and in God’s backwards kingdom you have to give up a lot to gain even more. 

Why would we be part of something that encourages us to strive for less personal gain rather than more?

Wealth, control, and power are not gospel priorities, they aren’t on God’s agenda. Humility, mercy, and love are the top of God’s list.

This Sunday we are exploring Luke 6:17-26 in all of our services, exploring how God’s backwards way works better than anyone could ever imagine.

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This Sunday’s Services – 17th February

8.00am Holy Communion, All Saints’ Church
9.30am Contemporary Service, St Peter’s Parish Church
11.00am Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s Parish Church
4.00pm Evensong, St Paul’s Church

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