Have you prayed?

Several times in the gospels (including Luke 13:31-35 which is this Sunday’s reading) Jesus is approached by sects and groups attempting to draw him into making a political statement. Typically they are either trying to get him to agree with them or, alternatively, they are trying to get him in to trouble with the Romans.

Throughout Christian history people have tried to demonstrate how Jesus’ politics is aligned with their’s and sought to use his name to reinforce their authority.

Fortunately for us Jesus usually has a sly remark that allows him to bypass politics and cut to the heart of what really impacts those around him. He encourages people to call out to God on behalf of those who are weak. He exhorts us to reconciliation and peace.

As we approach a period of great political uncertainty may I encourage us to turn to God in prayer. Not seeking to ask him to bring to fruition our own specific politics but instead petitioning him for peace, wisdom, reconciliation, and seeking the protection of the weak and vulnerable. I am sure that you have talked about politics recently but have you prayed?

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This Sunday’s Services – 17th March

8.00am Holy Communion, All Saints’ Church
9.30am Family Service, St Peter’s Church
11.00am Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s Church
4:00pm Evensong, St Paul’s Church

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