Good News

This Sunday’s reading should be exciting for anyone who is not an ethnic Jew. Without the events of Acts 10 and Peter’s subsequent report (This Sunday’s reading – Acts 11:1-18) there would be no church in the UK! You would never have been to church and the Gospel would never have spread.

This Sunday we are celebrating the good news that Jesus is for everyone. He does not reject anyone but wants everyone to know him.

This Sunday’s Services – 19th May

8.00am Holy Communion, All Saints’ Church
9.30am Family Communion, St Peter’s Church
11.00am Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s Church
4.00pm Evensong, St Paul’s Church


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Ladies' Group

Ladies’ Group
Join us for worship followed by a talk from Jo Hilton of Mercy Ships, who take medical personnel to deprived and remote areas to carry out life changing operations.


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