Where did the Sun go? After a while of glorious sunshine we’re back to watching the skies and packing umbrellas.

During the summer our teaching programme will be exploring prayer.

Throughout the Bible God sets out to speak to his people; whether through the prophets, Scriptures, in the person of Jesus, or by his Spirit, the Bible portrays God as always looking to communicate with us. Unfortunately his appeals often fall upon deaf ears. It is hard sometimes to hear God, or to be sure that it is his voice we have heard (e.g. Samuel). Prayer is a means by which we can tell God what is in our hearts and seek to hear his heart as well – it is not merely telling God what we want but a genuine conversation with the perfect Father who seeks to give us good things (see last week’s reading).

Try to make time to speak to God this week and practise listening to him. Prayer is not just for Sundays or for Church buildings but is for every day and every place.

1 Thessalonians 5:17.png

Sunday’s Services (4th August)

8am – Holy Communion, All Saints’

9:30am – Family Service, St Peter’s

11am – Sung Eucharist, St Peter’s

11am – Sung Eucharist, All Saints’

4pm – Evensong, St Paul’s



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