COVID-19 Response

In recent weeks we have been following the news very carefully and have been praying and reflecting on our next steps to support our local community and particularly protect those who are most vulnerable to infection from COVID-19. This is a very difficult time and many are understandably worried about the impact that the global pandemic will have on their health, their finances, and their emotional and spiritual well-being.

The church has always sought to follow Jesus’ call to live life to its fullest (John 10:10) and to be a source of hope in times of trouble. The Bible’s most frequent command is “Do not be afraid”. Even in the hardest times we believe that we are not alone because God is with us and we have a wider community on which we can rely.

As a parish we are heeding the advice of the UK Government and the Church of England to cease public worship and postpone events for the foreseeable future. This will mean that toddler groups, choirs, coffee mornings and other activities will be closed for the time being. It also means that Sunday and Wednesday services will be suspended. We know that this will cause disruption and distress for many of you. However we believe that this is the best course of action to ensure the health of our community.

In the meantime we will be focusing on pastoral care and support for our local community. We will be offering regular phone calls and communication for all those who wish to receive it as a means of alleviating the loneliness that self-isolation might cause. We are also encouraging anyone who either is in need of practical help (such as the delivery of shopping or meals) or is able to provide practical help to contact the church office or fill out the form below to enable us to coordinate aid for the parish.

We will be live streaming Sunday worship on Facebook and our website each week and encourage those who can to join the broadcast. If you need help accessing the broadcast then please contact the office. We will also be providing regular updates on our plans or activities and generally keeping in touch with you as well as we can.

Jesus calls us to Love of God and Love of our Neighbour (Matthew 22:37-40). We pray that in this troubled time you find God’s love and that of your church and community as we draw together and encourage one another.  Please don’t hesitate to contact any of the team if there is anything we might be able to do to help, to pray, or just for a chat. If you specifically wish to speak to a member of the clergy then please contact Rev. Jim King or Rev. Wendy Graham.

Yours in Christ

CSP Parish Team

01753 880067

Please get in touch if we can help in any way

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