United Breaks Out

What’s United Breaks Out?

Over the last few years a group from our parish has participated in New Wine, a large Christian event designed to inspire and encourage Christians from all walks of life.

Sadly this year’s event cannot take place the same way it has before, instead New Wine is ‘breaking out’ and coming to you at home through the wonders of the internet.

As a church we’re encouraging as many people as possible to head to the New Wine United Breaks Out website to join in worship, teaching, and celebration.

What’s going on then?

There is a huge range of events available. We’re specifically highlighting the ‘main’ events at:

  • Thursday 30th July – 8pm
  • Friday 31st July – 11am and 8pm
  • Saturday 1st August – 11am and 8pm
  • Sunday 2nd August – 11am and 8pm
  • Monday 3rd May – 11am

We’ll be live streaming the Sunday 8pm service in the Parish Church so that you can watch it and join in with other members of our church (COVID precautions will be in place).

What is there for Kids?

We’re glad you asked – there is so much for children. Just take a look here.

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